The school week is over and your children are ready to put their learning on pause and partake in all sorts of activities like Saturday cartoons, weekend sports and birthday parties. But your child’s weekend doesn’t have to be restricted to either learning or fun, it is possible to have your cake and eat it too. As your children go back to school, instilling weekend activities that are fun and educational can be a great way of readjusting your children to consuming knowledge whilst being able to spend quality time with your children as they partake in weekend learning adventures. Here are a few tips we suggest for your weekend learner.


More and more, museums like The Power House Museum, tWisted Science, The Australian Museum and The National Maritime Museum are engaging your children in topics like science and history in a way that makes learning exciting. Children can learn using all their senses. Make a day of it and invite friends or family. Children have great memory of the smallest things from the names of the kids in their class, to the time you promised them chocolate if they’re quiet while grocery shopping. Your child will take in the time, experience and knowledge that they’re surrounded with throughout the day.      

Study groups

Sometimes schoolwork needs to be done over the weekend. For a child it’s like taking them from prison and putting them on parole (their free, but not really free). The best way to counter this is by power through numbers. Connect with your children’s school friends and parents and sort out times in the weekend where they can work on tasks from school together. This makes weekend work more approachable, but it also creates discussion and teamwork skills that will become invaluable for your child as they progress to high school and university level study which requires group learning.

Online learning programs

Kids today know how to use a tablet before they learn to tie their shoe laces. Living in a technology age, your children at some point in their weekend have chilled out with a tablet watching random videos and played games. The technological resources your children use on the weekend can be a tool to bolster school learning in a fun and engaging manner. 3P Learning for instance makes a range of products like Mathletics, Spellodrome, Reading Eggs and IntoScience that educate children in mathematics, science, spelling and reading in a manner that draws your children’s interest. Your child can partake in competitive live Mathletics or Spellodrome challenges against other kids or work to beat their grades to achieve those high results that get them trophies and certificates. Your children are still relaxing with their tablet or computer, the only difference is their actions are bettering themselves with knowledge they can take to school.


Never underestimate the power of a good documentary. There are endless documentaries on a number of topics that would be beneficial to your children that are only a library or app store away. On those rainy days of nothing to do, make some popcorn, sit and relax. Your children will take in knowledge in a manner that is relaxing and insightful all at once.

Back to school can be overwhelming for children. By making the weekends fun and educational, you alleviate that stress by showing them that learning isn’t bad or boring and put your children a step further to developing a thirst for knowledge.