Education Abroad

In early 2015 we made the decision to relocate from Brisbane, Queensland to Bangkok, Thailand. We decided that we needed a six month break from the tiresome nine to five to concentrate on what was really important to us, family.

Shortly after our daughter turned two, we jetted off on our adventure to Bangkok. Although our daughter was not school aged, she did attend a daycare where they offered an exceptional curriculum even for children of her age. With this in mind, we didn’t want her to fall behind her peers when it came to her education.

We purchased a tablet device before heading overseas and loaded it with numerous stimulating and educational apps for her to use. Some of these apps included features such as jigsaw puzzles, connect-the-dots and building using different shapes. We made sure that they also included plenty of songs/music and bright colours. As our daughter was only two at the time, most of these apps were all about stimulation, learning colours and shapes, and focusing on hand-eye coordination.

Apart from using the tablet, we purchased some wooden puzzles from the local markets that showed the letters A to Z and the numbers 0 to 15. These not only kept her entertained but before she was even two-and-a-half she could count aloud one to twelve, completely unassisted.

Our daughter loves animals and understanding the world around her was also very important to us, so we frequently visited local zoos, aquariums and fish ponds. These places taught her all about the different species of animals, birds and fish. It taught her the environments of the animals and what they liked to eat. She also developed an understanding of different species of animals that may look the same. For example she could identify that a gecko was different to any other type of lizard, even though they might look similar.


Daniel’s daughter could tell that a gecko was different to other lizards from an early age.

We also took some books with us to help keep her stimulated and to learn. However, the best books we had were the ones that the local Thai people gave her. These were brightly coloured story books but were all in Thai. We used these books to make up stories and imagine what was actually happening. These were a great tool in developing her imagination and her understanding of the story which a picture tells.

We are back in Australia now and our daughter, who is now three, is attending the same daycare that she was enrolled in before we left. She can count to twenty and say the alphabet with some help. Her speech and conversation is exceptional and of course her favourite show to watch is anything by David Attenborough. We still offer her educational apps to use on her tablet and also frequent our local duck ponds and beaches for her to learn about the different species that inhabit them. We are quite confident that our six month trip to Bangkok was indeed beneficial, not just for us, but for our daughter as well, as it showed us just how important it is for parents to help their children learn, regardless of their age, environment or the country they live in.

About the author: Daniel Trani

Daniel Trani is an eCommerce entrepreneur/stay at home dad. Together with his wife they are changing their lives to achieve a more family balance life. Their three year old daughter has helped inspire the businesses that they have started which include Violet and Lily and Sleepy Beans.

Family is very important to Daniel and even more important is the time you spend with family. Being able to travel and show their young daughter new things has inspired them to dream big and work to achieve the lifestyle they desire.