3P Learning and Mathletics are delighted to announce the release of four new eBooks for Secondary/High School users (Grade 12 level).  These eBooks are accessible online through the Mathletics Teacher and Student Consoles for upper year students.


Binomials and Pascal’s Triangle.  UPDATED eBOOK (formally known as The Binominal Theorem 1).

This eBook covers the very basics of expanding binomials and the use of Pascal’s Triangle.




The Binomial Theorem.  NEW eBOOK

This eBook covers the development and use of the Binomial Theorem in binomial expansions.




Binomial Identities and Coefficients.  NEW eBOOK

This eBook covers the methods of deriving different results involving the binomial coefficients and their identities.




Series Induction.  NEW eBOOK

This eBook covers the method of proof by Mathematical Induction used in proving series and divisibility results.