How is your school celebrating Earth Science Week?

Here a few ideas to get you started…

American Geosciences Institute have identified nine ‘Big Ideas’ which reflect the core concepts of Earth Science!

  • Big Idea 1: Earth scientists use repeatable observations and testable ideas to understand and explain our planet.
  • Big Idea 2: Earth is 4.6 billion years old.
  • Big Idea 3: Earth is a complex system of interacting rock, water, air, and life.
  • Big Idea 4: Earth is continuously changing.
  • Big Idea 5: Earth is the water planet.
  • Big Idea 6: Life evolves on a dynamic Earth and continuously modifies Earth.
  • Big Idea 7: Humans depend on Earth for resources.
  • Big Idea 8: Natural hazards pose risks to humans.
  • Big Idea 9: Humans significantly alter the Earth.

Celebrate these big ideas with IntoScience!

Take Big Idea 5… Earth is the water planet

Check out the ‘Water cycle’ lessons and the ‘Water cycle processes’ video to explore the fascinating ways in which our Earth’s water cycle operates.

Together with your students, explore the five major processes (evaporation, condensation, precipitation, run-off and storage) that make up the water cycle and see how changes in both state (solid, liquid, gas) and location are involved.

The Water Cycle