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The standard has been set! In what should surely be the inspiration for an international event, Bulli Public School in Australia has held the first reported ‘Dress as Your Mathlete Day’. 200 students (and a few teachers!) created their online Mathletics avatar’s in real life with a dazzling array of hats, wigs, jackets and bling!

The students all looked to have had a great time and found a new way to make learning fun. There were many stories told of students working hard on Mathletics in the weeks leading up to the day to buy new items so that they could be worn on the day. Deciding a winner was almost impossible as the effort put in across the board was awe inspiring.

A big thank you to the teachers, parents and students for their efforts, being so welcoming and sharing their day with all of us. We can’t wait to see what interesting new ways they come up with to insipre their learning!