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 Flipman Rules! Now available on Google Play & the App Store.

An elegant app with music and interactivity, melded into narrative, designed to empower children with tools to understand cancer and live a healthy life as per the ethos of the Tour de Cure team. The app is presented in a way to support the Australian National Curriculum- English- and in particular the visual literacy and multi-modal requirements of this mandatory document.

Since it’s inception in 2007, the Tour de Cure has visited schools across the eastern seaboard of Australia and come face to face with over 20,000 children. Tour de Cure has partnered with author, speaker and coaching professional Terry Hawkins who has a series of books based on the character of Flipman and his arch nemesis Pitman, that help children understand what can be done to create their perfect world and deal with some of life’s challenges.

The Flipman story directly addresses cancer, answering many of the children’s questions and most importantly dealing with what we can do to prevent getting it.

We are proud to take this wonderfully written story digital, now embedded with animations, sound effects and an engaging, supportive narration.

Please download the Flipman Rules: Enjoy the beautiful story by Terry Hawkins and let’s all work together to find a cure for cancer.





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