Amy M, a pupil at Kippax North Junior, Infant and Nursery School in the United Kingdom has astounded her family and teachers with her 40 week Mathletics marathon to achieve not one, but two gold certificates! Not content with being the first person at her school to achieve 1 gold certificate, Amy carried onto  become the first person at her school to achieve 2 gold certificates! Amy does not intend to stop here either, and is already working towards gold certificate number 3!

Amy says that using Mathletics has helped her to become more confident with her maths. It has shown her that maths can be fun, and it is now a subject she enjoys.

What has really pleased her teachers and parents is that her weekly endeavours on the Mathletics website, along with what Amy describes as being ‘easy to follow maths teaching’ from her teacher, Mr Howitt, has resulted in a significant improvement in her maths during the school year.

Well done, Amy from all of us here at Mathletics! All your hard work has certainly been worthwhile!