Where is the Apostrophe?

Wheres the apostrophe?Homophones2 Homophones are an integral part of the English language and they can be fun when used the write way. Homophones enrich our language by allowing us to create puns and entertain the reader with multiple meanings. They can also be tricky to use and may change the writer’s intended meaning if used incorrectly. Spell checkers won’t pick up on homophones because they are still correctly spelled words. The correct use of homophones really improves the quality of your writing.


Some of the trickiest homophones are those involving contractions.

Its/it’s, whose/who’s, theirs/there’s, your/you’re, his/he’s, where/we’re

The easiest way to deal with painful contractions is to stretch them out.

It’s (it is) a lovely day today.
Who’s (who is) coming to lunch?
There’s (there is) pasta on the menu.
You’re (you are) looking great today.
He’s (he is) paying for everything.
We’re (we are) going to be late back.

Homophones are easy when you’re in the no, now, know.