Tips to develop fluency using Mathletics

The Australian Maths Syllabus requires fluency, as one of the four proficiency strands, to be addressed when exploring and developing the content from the three content strands.  Nicola Herringer, our Mathletics Primary Publisher, explains that procedural fluency is the ‘ability to carry out procedures flexibly and accurately where factual knowledge comes to mind readily.’

One Two Three Go!  Live Mathletics provides the opportunity for students to develop automaticity through the live 60 second games testing number facts.

    • With three strikes and they are out, remind students to strive for accuracy first before gradually building their speed.
    • Set minimum levels in Live Mathletics in Results to develop fluency, particularly those levels where students have reached Human Calculator status.  You can do this in Reports.
    • Have some fun! Gather students around an IWB using your Teacher Demonstration and play Live Mathletics as a group or class, each child taking turns to answer.

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