Like us here at Mathletics, Desmos aims to deliver a world of universal mathematical literacy, with a focus on learning through action and exploration. We were recently excited to announce our partnership with Desmos, and now Mathletics has joined forces with our friends at Desmos to bring a groundbreaking new interactive graphing calculator right into the secondary student console.

Using the Mathletics Calculator, students and teachers are able to:

  • solve linear, quadratic and polynomial equations in an instant.
  • quickly check their written solutions to equations – even faster than checking the back of the book!
  • compare functions with ease. The calculator intuitively recognises when you require a ‘slider’ to change the value of a coefficient, eg show the change in concavity of a parabola y = ax² quickly and easily by typing exactly that equation – the Desmos Calculator will automatically recognise that a slider is needed for ‘a’.
  • find points of intersection of functions as they are drawn.
  • instantly distinguish between new functions as they are automatically assigned to a different colour.

Watch this tutorial or download the Quick Start Guide and find out how to integrate the Mathletics Calculator into your next Mathematics lesson.

“We are delighted that 3P Learning is investing in Desmos. 3P Learning has a deep understanding of the online education market and leads the world in how to engage students in learning. Their culture and vision is aligned with ours and we look forward to working with them as we rapidly expand our business.”
Eli Luberoff, Desmos CEO and founder
“The outstanding Desmos team, led by Eli Luberoff, bring rare quality and brilliance to educational technology creation. Their strong reputation and rapidly growing presence in math classrooms across North America, make them an exciting investment opportunity for 3P Learning.”
Tim Power, CEO of 3P Learning