Congratulations Ms. Wallden!

We are excited to announce our December Mathletics Master Class recipient – Marie Wallden, grade 5/6 teacher at Deroche Elementary School within Mission District (SD 75), British Columbia. We are thrilled that all students in grades 1 – 6 at Deroche Elementary School are using Mathletics!

School: Deroche Elementary School
Teacher: Marie Wallden
Grade(s): 5/6

Ms. Wallden utilizes Mathletics to its full potential. We are very impressed with how she creates a learning process that varies for each student’s math abilities. Ms. Wallden leverages the easy drag and drop differentiation functionality of Mathletics to tailor the program to her students’ individualized needs.

“Students are at varied math abilities; this allows them to be successful at their own level which increases engagement. I like that each student is unaware of the level of his/her peers. I appreciate that students can access the program online so they can keep up if away from school and there are no materials to keep track of if moving back and forth between two households.”

masterclass nov 2

Ms. Wallden’s class enjoying Mathletics!

Ms. Wallden has shown commitment to leveraging the program outside the classroom. She understands that people often live busy lives and having homework that requires only a computer, laptop or tablet is valuable to families.

Not only does Ms. Wallden like the independence Mathletics gives her students, she enjoys the convenience of having a variety of teaching tools at her fingertips.

“What I appreciate most is that it allows for self-directed learning so students are at the helm rather than the teacher. I like that the program is already done; I don’t have to prep any worksheets or supplementary activities. I like the balance between worksheets, individual and group activities and computer use. I really like that it is not heavily language based so it’s easy for kids with literacy challenges to use. It is easy to differentiate the learning and to group kids according to skill level for each unit rather than grade level. I can easily have three or four levels in a two grade class.”

Teachers can monitor student progress throughout the month and make course level changes accordingly.

masterclass nov

Ms. Wallden’s class playing Live Math!

Math is fun in Ms. Wallden’s class! She has truly ignited a love of learning in her classroom and we are glad Mathletics put a positive spin on math for her students.

“The kids like that it makes learning Math fun. They like that it can be adjusted to their own level. They like the points! They love the Live Math.”

Participating in online math competitions as a class is another fun and engaging learning experience for students. It is a great way for students to participate in a healthy competition within the classroom.

We are so happy that Ms. Wallden loves Mathletics as much as we do! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Happy Holidays to Ms. Wallden’s class and everyone else!

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