Back to school tips

As a working mother of two, I know that the first day back of school can be stressful for the whole family. For me its a day of mixed emotions, I’m immensely proud and excited about how they’re progressing at school, but sad that they seem to be growing up so quickly. And the summer holidays are over, which means back to routine, after school activities and back to work for me. To help keep the excitement levels high, I’ve put together some tips to help the first day back to go seamlessly.

The night before. I like to make sure I’ve set out tomorrows school clothes, packed school bags and made a start on lunches, so I’ve got plenty time the following morning.

Allow plenty of time. On the first day of school, kids emotions can be fragile. So I like to allow some extra time in the morning to make sure they’re feeling okay about the day ahead. Having a chat about what’s happening for the day and remind who is picking them up in the afternoon. If your little one is nervous about their first day back, focus on the exciting aspects of the day  and provide reassurance, rather then how much you  will miss them.

Back to school breakfast. On the kids first day, I like to celebrate with a special breakfast. My kids love soft boiled eggs with toast solders or pancakes with fresh strawberries and maple syrup. A healthy and filling breakfast helps to make sure kids have plenty of energy for the day.

Chat about the year ahead. Especially if your little one is starting kindergarten or preschool. One of my friends kids went off to school without a hassle on the first day, but when she woke him up on the second day for school he burst into tears. He said “What…I have to go again?”

Don’t forget the camera. In the rush of the first day, don’t forget to take a few snaps of the kids all ready for the new school year. My kids love looking back over old school photos to see how much they’ve grown. This is especially important if they’re starting school for the first time or moving schools.

Pack some tissues. The first day of school can be an emotional day for both the kids and I, so I like to have a packet of tissues on standby.

Don’t forget.  Your child starting school is the beginning of important relationships between you, your child and their teachers. For more helpful information and tips on your role as a parent in your child’s education, have a look at our Parents as partners page.