Teachers reading this post will be aware that the Mathletics challenge has been hotly contested amongst the FOBISIA Schools in the Asian Region. It is a shame that we cannot set up a leaderboard to give you instant data but we are also glad that we have been in a position to do a lot of checking and verifying prior to posting the results.

Remember that the event on both days is about participation so if you don’t have all of your Key Stage students excited about the event and possibly logging in at home to boost the scores, you may not finish top of the schools!

At the end of the first day here is the ranking for the schools taking part in the event for each of the 3 key stages. Remember it is the school with the highest number of ranking points that will win the trophy and subscription for the Key Stage.

 Good luck in today’s Live Round!

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Results

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Results

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Results