A big well done to all of you who partcipated within the Middle East Maths Challenge 2011!

Pupils at Dar Al Marefa school in Dubai, have been working very hard! And have very kindly sent us their thoughts about Mathletics:

”Hi my name is Roudha Al Attar, G6.. This website is fun! You can play it live online. If you win in the challenge and be the 1st they will give you points and credits. You can buy clothes, hairs, back grounds and other things for your avatar and if you beat hundreds of students they will give you a prize. There is another game it is a practice game it gives more points and more credits but live is more fun!….”

Abdulla Al Shammar say’s ” Dar Al Marefa students are playing a game about math in school or in home for 2 hours in a day and I like the game too much! I like math games too too much! We always play the game 1 hour in school and 1 hour in home and we are excited to win the game and we want Dar Al Marefa School to be the first in the world!”

This is what By Hamza AlAjlouni thinks: ”I love mathletics because I can change my avatar and also dress it, but to buy things you have to play and get points. When you play the activities you get 100 points! I love making my avatar C00L!!! When I play live they always win on me, but in the activities there is nobody to play against me. My friend said, “My avatar is cooooooool!” and my teacher said, ‘’You are the best player in the universe!”

”My name is Maryam Khalid, I am 11 years old, I am in Dar Al Marefa Private School, Mirdif, Dubai. I wanted to tell you about the Mathletics. It is for people that don’t know math and for people that know math. It is fun to learn math in Mathletics. Mathletics has lots of things like competing live and earning points and it has lots of activities to do. It is not easy and hard! We have played in school and at home for a whole week! You can change your avatar and you can buy backgrounds, hair, accessories and other stuff. My friend told me, “Do you want some help in math?”I said “Yes!” Mathletics helps me in math.”


Go Mathletics!