ABC Reading Eggs equips students with skills to think critically about literacy.

A deeper analysis of literature is a critical skill to establish in the developing primary years. The key lies with the ability of a student to uncover underlying messages and take meaning from different types of texts – an end result of ‘Critical Literacy’.

Critical Literacy is an instructional approach, that encourages readers to actively analyze texts and offers strategies for what proponents describe as uncovering underlying messages. The practice is not simply a means of attaining literacy in the sense of improving the ability to decode words, syntax, etc. The important thing is being able to  have a discussion with others about the different meanings a text might have and teaching the potentially critically literate learner how to think flexibly about it. 

Within the ABC Reading Eggspress component of ABC Reading Eggs, the Comprehension Gym and Targeting English series alongside the end of book quizzes enable students to ask questions and provide opinions on written texts with visual applications to support their learning. It is these activities which actively encourage students to think critically about literacy, thereby equipping them for future literacy development in senior years.

Reading Eggs Stadium and Library 

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