Last week I received an email from a work colleague with a link to an article by Alan November that he posted on his website, November Learning. November’s article outlined how he has developed a list of six ‘transformation’ questions designed to help educators recognise the profound value of a digital learning environment:

Transformational Six

1. Did the assignment build capacity for critical thinking on the web?
2. Did the assignment develop new lines of inquiry?
3. Are there opportunities for students to make their thinking visible?
4. Are there opportunities to broaden the perspective of the conversation with authentic audiences from around the world?
5. Is there an opportunity for students to create a contribution (purposeful work)?
6. Does the assignment demo “best in the world” examples of content and skill?


This set of questions, although quite broad in scope, is a test of the level of innovation applied by school leaders. As November observed in a webinar surrounding the subject of innovation, a large majority of school leaders who believed they led an innovative school answered ‘no’ to all these questions. These leaders were made to face a harsh reality; their schools were “technology rich but innovative poor”.

Schools can easily invest in technology and implement it in their classrooms, but the real value of digital learning resources is created when educators are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their implementation and are able to harness this value for a new level of student achievement.

As November puts it:

“We must move our focus beyond the device and toward the design of learning.”

I  urge you to put your school to the test. Is your school technology rich but innovative poor?

At 3P Learning we are assisting in the process of creating innovative educators. Our resources are specifically designed to take educators to the next level in their teaching practices with targeted activities aligned to the Australian Curriculum, powerful diagnostic tools and reporting tools, and real-time results data driving individual learning pathways.

Make the most of emerging technology and help develop a new level of student achievement.

Source: November Learning