Leading Mathletics integration and leadership

Martine Gill, Principal, Coomera Springs SS, QLD

Martine Gill, Principal, Coomera Springs SS, QLD

This week we proudly recognise QLD’s Coomera Springs SS as the first school in Australia to achieve Mathletics Lead School status. Coomera Springs has been a strong supporter of Teacher Certification and it is fitting that they have achieved this milestone.  Principal Martine Gill, an original  Mathletics Lead Educator herself, accepted on behalf of her school, specially created Mathletics Lead School trophy and framed certificate in a presentation ceremony.

As a  Mathletics Lead school, Coomera Springs has demonstrated outstanding Mathletics integration and leadership within their school community.  This is demonstrated by having three or more Lead Educators who are

– Leading student use of Mathletics to improve student learning
– Leading teacher involvement in using Mathletics to tailor personal learning and assessment pathways
– Leading school community engagement with Mathletics

Congratulations Coomera Springs SS!

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