Need help encouraging your child to get enthused about mathematics? Here are some great careers that all use maths, next time your child asks why we need mathematics, you can use these cool job ideas to get a conversation started!


Is your child artistic? In animation, mathematics and art go together like Saturday morning and cartoons! Trigonometry helps rotate and move characters, while algebra creates the special effects to make images shine. Even artists have to pay attention in class!


If your child can’t put down the Lego or Blockus, a career as an Architect may be for them! Architects plan, design, and oversee the construction of buildings, with an understanding of angles, reflections and weight crucial to their work.


Even those people  who don’t want to be an astronaut will admit that its a really cool job. If your child’s head is always up in space, you can remind them that astronauts use mathematicss in order to make precise mathematical calculations, from how the spacecraft leaves Earth’s atmosphere to how to pilot the spaceship.


When it comes to fun hands-on application, cooking wins the grand prize! Knowing the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon can make or break a recipe! Even the simplest recipes require understanding of measurement, estimation and proportions, whilst expanding on recipes can take you even deeper into fractions, multiplication, and division.

Computer Game Designer

Almost every aspect of video game design requires an understanding of mathematics. Every game designer needs to have a good grasp of game theory – a branch of applied mathematics. Aspiring game programmers should also study trigonometry, physics, and calculus.


Doctors have one of the most important and exciting jobs out there. During their everyday work, they constantly use mathematics. For example, statistics are used to interpret tests results. whilst probability is used to determine which type of treatment to use, if any. A good grasp of mathematics can be the difference between the right and wrong diagnosis.

Fashion Designer

Fashion design is a complex job that requires mathematical skills, most notably, pattern design and drafting. Patterns are drafted using something flat, such as paper or fabric, and made into a three dimensional shape, the human body! Fashion designers must understand proportions, fraction, percentages and ratios so that they can make designs that look good on all shapes and sizes.


With the release of IntoScience: Australia’s Biggest School Excursion, geology may have just gotten cool again. Mathematical geology can be an essential aid in formulating models and scientific theories to bring together different geological phenomena. Geomagnetic field models are used in navigation, geophysical surveys, oil production, and in scientific studies ranging from the upper atmosphere to Earth’s deep interior.

Jet Fighter Pilot

The thrilling life of a jet fighter pilot may seem a world away from the classroom, but to become a pilot most have to complete a university degree such as engineering. Whilst many of the instruments will do a lot of the calculations automatically, knowledge of algebra and calculus are remain crucial for any fighter pilot while they fly through the sky at supersonic speeds.

Sports Commentator

What is his batting average? How many wickets  has he taken? When sports commentators give the play-by-play, they have to pay attention to the numbers: percentages, player statistics, the clock. Sports casting is done live, which means there’s no room for errors!

How can you give your child a head start on their future career?

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