Following recent feedback from our IntoScience teachers we have updated the program with new teacher tools and functionality to better harness student enthusiasm within the classroom.

Teacher Control

Restrict Navigation

Within the teacher controls panel, Restrict Navigation provides teachers with the ability to have students focus on the same activity. When Restrict Navigation is on, the top bar on the students interface will turn red with a padlock. This restricts students to their current location and they cannot move to any other activity.

The top bar within the teacher interface will also appear red as a reminder that this control is activated, although teachers can still move from one activity to another.

To deactivate the Restrict Navigation control, simply return to the Teacher control panel and switch the button off. If the teacher signs out whilst all students are in Restrict Navigation mode, Restrict Navigation will deactivate after 5 minutes.

Summon Class

Summon Class
Taking things a step further, another new feature that can improve direction in science lessons is the Summon class function. Teachers can navigate to a particular topic and instantly transport a class or group of students to that area of focus.

Also found in the Teacher Control panel, Summon class is a great way to focus on a particular activity in a whole class lesson. Using this function will automatically activate Restrict Navigation, preventing students navigating to other activities. To turn the restriction controls off, simply deactivate in the Teacher Controls panel.

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