Harry goes on Mathletics after school every day and says “I  like Mathletics because there is always a new challenge.  I  really like playing Live Mathletics because you can play with your friends and people around the world. Last Saturday it was great because I saw my name on the Hall of Fame. I shouted to my Dad ” Dad, Dad, I’m on the ‘Hall of Fame’ It was wicked! I also like the Facemaker because you can buy things with your points, I’ve just bought a really cool background, it was expensive but I had the points.” His teacher also proudly tells us “Harry has been awarded a certificate in the Monday assemblies for the last 3 weeks in a row. He has been the pupil with the most points all 3 weeks.”

To earn a certificate on Mathletics, you need to earn at least 1000 points in a week. You can do this through Live Mathletics, earning 1 point per correct answer, or through your curriculum questions which will earn you ten points per correct answer. Working towards a certificate is a really achievable goal for every student- is anyone in your school as good as Harry?

Congratulations Harry! Good luck working towards Gold Certificate Number 3!