Winner Stuart McClorey

of St Jerome’s Primary School, Munster WA

Supporting the incredible energy being created by Mathletics teachers in their classrooms, this Teacher Certification Challenge asks teachers to get Mathletics Certified and answer the question:   

How has Teacher Certification impacted teaching and learning in your class or in your school?   Stuart McClorey’s winning response:

“The Certification process has allowed for a period of reflection – it has allowed me to step back from the everyday routine of using Mathletics and to identify which areas of the program I can use better in my teaching. It also allows for formal recognition of skills which makes it easier for other teachers to identify who they can go for help – especially if they may be uncomfortable approaching a member of the leadership/admin team.    I feel it also encourages other teachers to become more involved in the program, especially if they know they will have a qualification at the end – something they can show others to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities.     Finally, it is a good checklist of sorts for making sure we are using Mathletics to its full potential, and that we are doing as much as we can with everything available to us to provide awesome learning experiences for our students.”

Stuart has won his choice of an iPad Mini or a $250 Professional Learning voucher.


Second winner Viviana Graney, St John Bosco School, SA announced! 

We are celebrating Professional Learning and you are encouraged to get involved.  A second prize winner will be announced on 30 June and to be included, all you have to do is get Certified!  And if you have already achieved Level 1 Certification, then give yourself more changes to win by completing Level 2 and/or Lead Educator level!


mcclorey mathletics

Congratulations Stuart McClorey from the Team at Mathletics!