We are proud to introduce Brian Host who is NSW’s first Mathletics Lead Educator.

Brian is a Classroom teacher and ICT Integrator at Inaburra School and has successfully completed all three levels of the Certification Pathway.

Brian Host

In completing Certificate Levels 1 and 2, Brian tells us he successfully used Mathletics in his Year 2 classroom by “using set tasks as part of my numeracy program and homework.  Results achieved by students were used to guide my reporting process. It also guided my teaching and re-teaching as I could identify students who had not quite achieved mastery of a topic.”

Brian accessed support tools to assist in the implementation of Mathletics in his class and within his school to via the Mathletics Training Portal which provides access to online training webinars, workshops, videos, guides.  When we asked Brian about the Certification program itself, Brian explained “this has been a good process of reflection on how and why I use Mathletics.”   He offers reassurance to other teachers explaining the “process was not difficult, it caused me to become reflective in my practice. Assisting me to identify and research areas where I needed to develop.”

If you would like to find out how you can participate in the Certification Pathway click below:

Mathletics Lead Educator Certification

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