And the winners are…

500 Mathletics teacher certificates have been issued in the Certification Challenge

Recently teachers were invited to complete one, two or three levels of Mathletics Certification – each level awarding PD hours and a chance to go into the draw to win one of two Samsung Tab 3 8.0.   Aussie teachers have shared how they would introduce Mathletics Certification to their colleagues and their responses reflect creativity and focus matched with a clear understanding of the value that certification brings.

We now congratulate our two winners:

Danielle Jury of Mansfield State School in Brisbane, Queensland tells her colleagues:

Teacher Certification is a fast and easy way to get the most out of Mathletics, not only for the children in your class but for you as a teacher too. It ensures that you are capable of using all educational areas and tools associated with the website in order to have the best outcomes for your children.

Lee Rossow of Southport State High School, Queensland says it would be a two-step process:

I would first of all instruct all year level coordinators and subject coordinators within our Maths Faculty to become at least Level 2 Certified (by the end of the year).  The second phase is then these teachers using the common “teach the teacher” method to help all other Maths teachers to achieve their Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications over a six month period (first semester of 2015).  Encourage and acknowledgement at staff meetings and within our own Faculty will coincide with achievements, and with everyone then at Level 2 Certification, we can ensure we are all working effectively.  I would then select a small group of teachers to work towards attaining their Mathletics Lead Educator certification.  I would expect that these teachers be acknowledged on awards night after achieving this level.

Danielle and Lee have shared why and how they would generate support in certification and we share their confidence in motivating t heir colleagues to be involved. You can read more great ways that teachers are supporting each other with Mathletics here.

Well done to all teachers who have achieved their certification as part of this challenge – we hope you are active in inviting your colleagues to join you, and take your certification to the next level.   We continue to be inspired by all of you who make up the Mathletics teaching community.

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