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Effort and enthusiasm as a teacher directly influences students

Niky Corfios teaches at Beverley Hills Primary in Doncaster East in Victoria.  She enjoys all aspects of education from the administration framework, to mentoring and educating students, and sharing with colleagues new educational concepts and ideas.

Niky has spent 25 years in teaching, with her first 12 years in South Africa, followed by 5 years in Brisbane, and finally in Victoria, where she moved with her husband and two children. Her role encompasses Year 6 class teacher, Acting Senior School Co-ordinator and IT Lead Co-ordinator.

My goals in education are simple: to be a successful mentor and educator to my work colleagues and my students. I want to inspire them!

Niky attributes successful online learning to the nexus between engagement, personalisation and education content, embracing the connection to students all around the world.   She ensures the Beverley Hills school community receives regular updates and insights via the school’s website and newsletter and blog.

Effort and enthusiasm as a teacher directly influences students, where teacher committment to a course is paramount.   Niky believes that “great educators inspire all students by demonstrating belief in their students’ abilities and providing the support needed to meet challenging academic demands.”

Mathletics Lead Educator Certification has helped me understand different ways to help, support and educate my colleagues and students.

Niky is also a Reading Eggs Lead Educator!  Read more

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