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Reading Eggspress builds on the basic foundations of reading and encourages students to discover and explore, expanding their literacy repertoires beyond basic reading and comprehension. Reading Eggspress is your complete literacy pathway, a scaffolded resource which is accessible for students of all reading abilities. From emergent readers learning the very building blocks of reading in ABC Reading Eggs, to developing advanced skills and strategies and becoming proficient readers with Reading Eggspress, students can follow the learning pathway from Foundation all the way to year 6.

Take a closer look at the new Reading Eggspress and join us on the journey to improve literacy education for all students.

My Lessons Maps – Structured comprehension lessons with end-of-map assessments (all independently levelled).

  • New lessons to help student transition from Reading Eggs to Reading Eggspress
  • All texts independently levelled ensuring accurate increases in text complexity
  • Balanced: an equal number of fiction and nonfiction texts, and maps
  • Proof of progress: 44 NEW independently levelled assessment texts embedded into the program clearly show student progress



English Skills Section – More than 500 NEW grade level lessons for Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary

  • 216 Spelling lessons across Years 1 – 6 with 36 lessons per year
  • 110 Grammar lessons across Years 1 – 6 with 20 lessons per year
  • 60 Punctuation lessons across Years 1 – 6 with 10 lessons per year
  • 168 Vocabulary lessons across Years 1 – 6 with 28 lessons per year


Worksheets to support learning
Every lesson comes with two downloadable worksheets to reinforce each skill or concept.