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We recently shared Glenn Cupit’s perspective on Children and the Media.  The article was aimed at parents but can easily be applied into any teaching context.  At 3P Learning, we are often asked by our Mathletics community about student usage, monitoring and access.  These are the typical questions both schools and parents raise:


“How regularly and for how long should my children use Mathletics to get real benefit?”

“How do I get my children to stop using Mathletics?”

“What is a healthy amount of time to be using Mathletics?”

Our recommendation to parents and teachers alike has been for students to access Mathletics 3 times per week for 15-20 minutes a day. We have always advocated a balance to ensure students play and learn in a variety of ways.  The Australian Council on Children and the Media provides some really handy hints to parents and teachers that can support responsible planning and use of media in learning environments and the home.  On reflection however, it is individual teachers, schools and parents who are best placed to determine their educational values and how these align with responsible media usage within the context of their learning environment.

Glenn Cupit shares his key strategies that teachers and schools should consider in relation to the media:

  1. Teachers and schools need to be informed and aware about the media and the learning from that media that students bring to the learning environment.
  2. Be aware of the positive things that are available within a media framework and be reviewing for appropriateness.
  3. Students need an avenue to discuss and talk with peers and leaders about their experiences with media.  It is here that richer learning takes place.
  4. Develop a clear policy on usage and what is appropriate and not appropriate for students at different age groups.

Has your school developed a media framework?

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Share your experiences with us – we are always interested to know how you manage your students’ media involvement!