The Chicago Public Schools Network I Mathletics Competition took place on December 4th, and ushered in a flood of teacher and parent support for this amazing event.  The 48 competitors across 16 schools gathered at Disney II Magnet School to meet one another and to battle it out in a live math competition, which was aimed at Grade 6 students who demonstrate particular skill, confidence and ability in mathematics.   This gathering was highlighted by 3 students from each of the following schools: Dever, Patrick Henry, Oriole Park, Ebinger, Alessandro Volta, Cleveland, Edison Regional Gifted Center, Portage Park, Garvy, Ole A Thorp, Palmer, Disney II, Wildwood, Haugan, Scammon, and Edgebrook.  

CPS I 3 pics

Competition Director Brooke Monroe from 3P Learning (the team behind Mathletics) welcomed and introduced the teams and individual students.  She was joined by Disney II’s math lead teacher, Ms. Zapata, as well as teacher representatives from all 16 schools who offered their words of encouragements for their teams.  The students were given an overview of Mathletics as well as an explanation of rules for the hour and a half competition.  Students competed in live, multi-player math challenges on numeracy facts and were also challenged in self paced adaptive curriculum questions.

At the end of the competition, team and individual winners were awarded based on total number of points earned.  Teachers, parents, and the student competitors enjoyed the afternoon meeting one another and participating in what was a fun and competitive event!


Team Winner:  Edison Regional Gifted Center

Runner up:  Oriole Park Elementary School

3rd Place:  Ole A Thorp Scholastic Academy


Individual Winner:  Kayla H., Edison Regional Gifted Center

Runner up:  Patrick C., Oriole Park Elementary School

3rd Place:  Michael B., Ebinger Elementary School

“I really appreciate having this information, and especially enjoyed the way that you conducted the competition. It was challenging, fast-paced, and FUN! 

Our students are very much more enthused about the program, and this has begun to carry over to other students and classes.  This was an extremely worthwhile event.  Thank you for hosting it!” — L. Hunt, Ole A. Thorp Scholastic Academy

Congratulations to all of our participants!