Phew! What a day. Well done to everyone, so many activities completed today! Lets see where the top students are, who has improved and the overview of the day:

Well done to Mohammed and Olivia for continuing to improve from their efforts this morning! Can they keep it up through tomorrow?


Congratulations to the top 14 students – a very, very big effort to finish all 50 activities to their 300 point limits. There is a strong chase on ready for tomorrow, where it will be all about speed and accuracy – 10 levels of mental maths to conquer. Remember, only the scores from your first 10 games on each level will contribute to your score – just playing one level may not be enough to achieve a medal.

 We made it past 1 million points!, and well over 150 thousand activities completed – in just one day. It is wonderful to see that most of the participation was between 9am and 8pm, it is important that Mathletes balance their love of maths with their love of sport, science, reading and life!

See you all bright and bushy tailed for tomorrow!