Following feedback from our community, we are excited to announce a change to way we calculate the local and global Top 50 Classes in the Mathletics Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame now ranks the class positions based on the average total points earned, averaged across the number of students in each class. This is a fairer reflection of classroom effort and participation as it accounts for variance in class sizes.


If there is a class of 20 students and this week only 1 student has logged into Mathletics scoring a total of 500 points, the class’ total Hall of Fame points for the local and World Hall of Fame would be 25 (500/20).

If all 20 students had logged in and scored 500 points each, the class points would be 500, the average of all 20 scores.

The Individual student points will continue to be calculated by the total points they earn in both curriculum and live Mathletics activities.