It’s the final challenge of the Reading Eggspedition and it’s time to test those spelling skills. By now, you and your students should have explored the reading and comprehension lessons and taken a look around the Library, but did you know that Reading Eggs and Eggspress have a whole series of Spelling activities too? Let’s take a look!

Reading Eggs – Skills Bank

2017-01-05_15h21_10The Skills Bank in Reading Eggs is located in My Program on your students’ dashboard. Just like the reading lessons, students are asked to take a placement test before beginning the spelling lessons. This helps to determine their existing spelling skills and puts them at an ideal place on their spelling journey so they aren’t covering content they have already mastered.

Skills Bank in Reading Eggs has 96 carefully graded spelling lessons, with 32 per year level,  for years F-2. Each lessons focuses on a 12-word spelling list with a combination of sound words and high frequency sight words. Each lesson is split up into a variety of different activities and games to keep your students engaged with their spelling list. Challenge 3 is to have your students sit the placement test and complete a spelling lesson during class or for homework.

Reading Eggspress – English Skills

2017-01-05_14h38_46The English Skills section of Reading Eggspress builds on the early spelling skills your students have already developed. 216 spelling lessons cover years 1 – 6 and focus on common spelling rules, generalisations and strategies, ending with an assessment test. The spelling lessons teach students to spell while improving reading, writing and comprehension skills, using a combination of videos, interactive activities, rewards-based games, and printable worksheets. The lessons are also adaptive, allowing your students to progress through 3 levels of difficulty depending on how they answer the previous questions in the activity. 

The English Skills spelling lessons don’t have a placement test like Skills Bank, however as a teacher, you can change the progress of your students in Manage Lessons. You could choose to place all of your students on a particular lesson that focuses on similar words to your spelling list for that week, or just set them to the appropriate year level and watch them progress!

Thanks for getting involved in the 2017 Reading Eggspedition! Keep exploring Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress for the rest of your 10 day challenge and keep your eyes open to find out who has won the prize.

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