Congratulations! You have officially started your 2017 Reading Eggspedition.

Your first challenge, and the best first step in any Reading Eggs journey is to complete the placement test for Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress. The first time your students log in, they will be automatically prompted to take the placement test.

The placement test consists of 60 questions for Reading Eggs and 20 questions for Reading Eggspress. When a student gets 3 answers incorrect in the placement test, they are placed at the map those questions relate to. This allows your students to start correctly on their personal learning pathway and skip any content they already have a thorough understanding of.

Reading Eggs

2017-01-04_17h03_40The 12 maps in Reading Eggs contain 120 lessons, sequentially designed to build on skills from previous lessons and develop the five key areas needed to become a good reader: phonemic awareness and phonics, sight words, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

Starting out – Lessons 1-40
The first step is aimed at 4-6 year olds who have little to no reading skills. If your student is placed in this section then they will be learning their first reading skills. This includes learning the sounds and names of the alphabet letters, and reading their first sight words.

Beginning to read – Lessons 41-80
If your student is placed in this category or progresses to this step, then they will be developing and improving their skills with a focus on short vowel words and building reading ability. Students will learn many more high frequency sight words, build word families and read another forty books!

Building confidence – Lessons 81-120
The third and final step covers long vowel words. These new phonic patterns are introduced and reinforced so that students can read them fluently and spell them correctly. In these lessons there is an increased focus on reading for meaning, comprehension and understanding longer words and sentences.

Reading Eggspress

2017-01-04_16h12_17Reading Eggspress contains 44 maps with 220 comprehension lessons from year 1 to year 6. Each map has its own focus book, with lessons based on excerpts from a balance of fiction and nonfiction texts. The lessons are organised into a series of 5-lesson maps,  gradually increasing in both the complexity of the texts and the depth of comprehension required. The program focuses on literal, inferential and critical reading comprehension questions for skill building and understanding.

Now that your students have been placed on their learning pathway and you know all about Reading Eggs and Eggspress lesson content, it’s time to really jump in and eggsplore. See how many lessons your students can get through by the end of the Reading Eggspedition and make sure you keep your eyes open for challenge number 2!

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