The 2016 Teacher Certification Challenge has officially ended and the winners have been announced. Congratulations Russell MacKenzie from Newstead Christian School, Launceston, TAS and Amy Williums from St Joseph’s School, Queens Park, WA. Click here to see their winning responses. These deserving teachers have each won a Microsoft Surface Book to enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms.

Picking just two winners from the huge number of quality responses has been a challenge for our education team, so we thought we’d share some of the other great responses from Mathletics and Reading Eggs certified teachers and Lead Educators. These teachers were asked to reflect on how certification has impacted on teaching and learning in their class or school, take a look at some of the great responses!

Mathletics Certification

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“The Mathletics program has greatly impacted student engagement and overall mathematical understanding at our school. I ensure that the Mathletics program is consistently embedded into our maths programs and quality teaching practices. I have led staff professional development sessions to ensure staff are well equipped to use this program and are confident when accessing the vast range of resources. High student engagement is evident across the whole school. I reward each student who achieves 2000+ points by asking them to stand up at assembly, acknowledging their commitment. The class with the highest participation is rewarded with a Mathletics trophy for both infants and primary classes. I could not imagine teaching without this program, it is an essential tool for both teachers and students alike.”
Casey-Lee Clarke, Floraville Public School, NSW
“Our students will face a different world than what I did when I graduated school and I believe Mathletics gives them much needed curriculum skills practice but also helps them to become comfortable in this technological age. I pride myself in exploring the program and best arming my students to succeed!”
Patricia Cochrane, Marsden State School, QLD
“Our school has numeracy as it’s whole school improvement focus. Integrating mathletics into daily school routines across the school has benefited every child. Students are encouraged to log in at home to improve their number facts. Certificates are awarded each week at assemblies and there is great delight when students reach the bronze, silver and gold levels! When given free time, many students elect to use Mathletics because they enjoy it so much!”
Gai Lawler, Jondaryan State School, QLD

Reading Eggs Certification

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“Reading Eggs is a fantastic resource in my classroom. At the beginning of the year each of my student complete the placement test to check where they are up to in their learning. For the last few years this is where I left the process and children just made their way through the maps and progressed at their own pace. This year, however, I have discovered a whole world of teaching resources for reading and writing. I use some part of the Reading Eggs program everyday in my classroom now. We use reading eggs during spelling, writing, guided reading, independent reading, listening to reading, big book activities and more. I have loved Reading Eggs for a number of years and doing the Reading Eggs Certification has assisted me in discovering a whole lot more about what this innovative program offers. I would highly recommend Reading Eggs to all educators and parents. It really is the most comprehensive learning tool available for students.”
Jacqueline Collis, Waggrakine Primary School, WA
“My students find Reading Eggspress to be very motivating and I have seen noticable improvement, especailly from my weaker students. They have developed a positive attitiude towards reading and independently use Reading Eggspress. We also use the Reading Eggs library for guided reading in class as I’m able to select books that the students are interested that are also an appropriate level.”
Benjamin Wynne, St Anthony's School, WA
“Lead educator certification has impacted teaching and learning in my class in a way that I make use of the data to inform my teaching, the certification journey has opened my eyes to many benefits of reading eggs and how I can lead other teachers in achieving great results in their classrooms by incorporating ICTs and Reading Eggs in their daily classroom practice. Lead educator certification has encouraged me to take on more leading roles in my school.”
Emina Avdic, Woodridge North State School, QLD

It’s always great to hear the impact of Mathletics and Reading Eggs on teachers and students all over the country. If you’ve been inspired to take the challenge and become a Certified Teacher or Lead Educator, click below to find out more about the Certification Pathway.

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