Gray Jaana

Jaana Gray from St Columba Anglican School in Port Macquarie is passionate in bringing out the best in her students.

“I love it when my students grow in their learning and when something finally clicks. I think everyone should have a love of learning and the opportunity to grow and be the best you can.”

Jaana has been teaching for 9 years and feels very comfortable in her role as an educator – helping students develop skills for lifelong learning. Currently teaching Year 1, she recognises how important that students learn the foundations to set them up for their future learning believing that ‘students need the skills to live in an ever changing world’.

Jaana taps into her parent community for even greater class success. By ensuring students and parents know exactly what is being studied in class, she finds parents can work with their students to ensure they understand the concepts. “First we do the topic in class during the week and then we set a Mathletics activity for homework and revision on the Friday for the following week. So students are familiar with the topic and questions.”

The integration of technology is part of her classroom practice and by using the IWB as a teaching tool, she can explain concepts and then involve the class in practice activities.  Jaana will also schedule weekly laptop use for individual activity work and assessments and then hold regular class competitions, a favourite with her students. Regular recognition of student of the week with outstanding efforts, ensures students continue to be engaged and acknowledged.

And with mid-year reporting on the horizon, Jaana can sees the reporting information in assessments and reports is an excellent tool, providing easy access to data on what students have learnt.

We asked Jaana how she would like to see Mathletics develop?   “I am always being asked how students can be extended… I think parents and students would like a special challenge area – where students can complete problems or extra challenges.”  In the meantime, Jaana ran her own Summer Mathletics Challenge through the school holidays!