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Mathletics, the online mathematics program used in thousands of schools across the globe, has had a fantastic impact on the students at St Patrick’s College in Launceston, Tasmania.  Mathletics co-ordinator, Rebecca Noordermeer, shares her thoughts and experiences of using Mathletics  in her classroom and the impact it has had on her students.

How long have you and your school been using Mathletics for?

More than 6 years.

What difference has Mathletics made to your classroom teaching?

Mathematics is more engaged.  Students are motivated to improve understanding. Learning is more independent, no longer teacher focused which is not suited to all.

What part of the program captures your students’ engagement?

This generation has grown up with advanced technology. This programs appeals to them as they are familiar with computers and it seems natural to them.  They love the ability to use their points to buy things-this makes them want to learn more to gain more points.

What difference has Mathletics made to your students and how they view learning?

Using this program gives the students a break from teacher focused education. They don’t seem to realise they are learning-they just see ‘Mathletics’ as a game.

Has there been a difference amongst your teachers in how they view teaching, since using Mathletics?

It makes us realise there are other methods of teaching – chalk and talk is no longer the best method with the new generation.

Please share any individual examples/stories of students whose lives have been positively impacted as a result of using these programs?

Students who don’t like homework will ask can they do Mathletics. Even during the holidays I notice students are accessing the program.

Any quotes from your students about what this resource means to them and how it has helped them? 

Every lesson without fail my students ask “can we go on Mathletics?”

Please will you give us any information that you have, around overall improvement in your students’ results?

Two students received special certificates in our school- one of which are in our developmental classes.

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