South Australian Assistant Principal Michele Wilson, oversees Mathletics and other intervention programs at Redwood Park Primary School.  

Her role includes integrating the resource into her school and community by inservicing and providing professional training for colleagues. Her training has enabled teachers to succeessfully incorporate the resmichele-wilsonource into their classroom program and ensures that students can continue to build on their learning at home.  With 24 years of experience in teaching, Michele derives her passion from seeing education making a difference to children.  Observing students succeed and feel good about themselves along the way.  As an educator, she recognises that knowledge and skills implementing and using  IT are amongst key emerging trends to impact students.

Michele’s overriding goal is to ensure students enjoy school and remember school as a fun, safe place, that they enjoyed attending. Deputy Principal Ian Dickie explains further,

Students have been empowered to take control of their learning and results are regularly discussed with students and parents. This ownership has seen the development of the Mathletics Cup in which all classes participate and the successful class is rewarded every fortnight at assembly. The success of this program is due to Michele’s ability to support, implement and mentor our staff of the benefits the program has on students’ learning.

Redwood Park PS has a whole school involvement Mathletics where all classes must participate in Mathletics for 1 hour a week in school time. This has been written in their school Numeracy Agreement.  The school is focused and has a common link in their maths curriculum. Michele shares her school’s perspective,

Mathletics provides us with results and shows us strengths and weakness to help direct all teachers with their explicit teaching. Teachers have been given release time to work with myself to look at results and look at where to next. Pre testing is an important aspect of Maths planning at our school.

Each week Michele reflects on whole school data and confers with colleagues and students  about results.  Teachers recognise students’ personal achievements and individual support is offered to struggling students.  What addition to Mathletics would she value most? Michele identifies the addition of section or topic word problems in order for students to practice and reinforce prior learned strategies.

For students at Redwood Park, I want students to immerse themselves in as much Maths as possible. As a Lead Educator, I want them to realise Maths can be enjoyable. See that they use Maths strategies in everyday life and that it can be fun.  Our school has a whole school Mathletics Challenge.  Each week we look at the most successful class who have the most participation points.  This has created excitement and competition amongst the classes. Using the data already generated on Mathletics helps to make this successful.3PCert_Logo

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