Glenn Bruce is currently eLearning Coordinator at Marsden SS.  As a specialist teacher for the new curriculum subject ‘Digital Technologies’, Glenn teaches year levels from Prep to 6. Glenn-Bruce

Glenn has had a strong interest in iPads and online learning since graduating 10 years ago and has incorporated both of these elements into his teaching.  “To me, digital technologies make sense in education as they are so much a part of the real world. Clearly, the greater grasp we have of these as tools, the greater our opportunities moving forward.”

Glenn is pleased that both the Queensland and Australian governments have decided to move towards coding, robotics and digital technologies. From his perspective, “the world is changing; and for our students’ sake, we need to change our approach as teachers.”

“Products like Mathletics have always made sense to me. The philosophy of ‘owning your learning’ and home practice is consistent with the ‘lifelong learning’ philosophy we so often refer to. It is also consistent with the ‘Global Village’ concept, which really says to me- hey guys, we are competing with the rest of the world for future jobs! Recent improvements in Mathletics such as the new data reports and ‘mastery’ focus have only added to my belief that this product has huge potential to create real growth learning outcomes for our students. This is consistent with what I have witnessed in my own classes.”

Marsden SS has brought a competitive element to learning through their annual mastery competition.  “Mastery as a concept is exciting to me. Kids need to learn that we shouldn’t be satisfied with ‘near enough’ or failure. The concept of ‘try till you succeed’ is new to them. Essentially, by teaching mastery, I believe we are instilling values and a work ethic in our students. Why not compete? Kids love it. It pumps them up and gets them motivated and excited!”

Glenn is keen to develop his own learning, moving towards maker type tech and more robotics and coding. STEAM is where things are headed.  He is also keen to take opportunities to share his learning with other teachers. “I fear that tech has lost momentum amongst QLD teachers over the last few years. It is crucial that we further develop a thriving community of tech savvy teachers across all of our schools.”