National Numeracy and Literacy Week 2

With National Numeracy and Literacy Week fast approaching, many schools around the country are busily preparing activities to celebrate. The team at Mathletics and Spellodrome have also been eagerly brainstorming some ways schools can celebrate. This year’s theme is encouraging students to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink!

Here are some suggestions for your school:

Go green. Go digital!

Instead of printing out worksheets for your students to complete, why not get your students to play each other on  Live Mathletics?  Live Mathletics uses a game-like arena where students can compete in real time to master basic maths skills against students from all over the world. Points for correct  answers provide ongoing rewards and helps to balance student activity between fun, basic maths building skills and curriculum content. Perhaps even reward your students with a prize made out of recycled material found at your school or  a Super Mathlete trophy?

Rethink and spare a thought for others

Use this opportunity to educate your students on education inequality. Spellodrome has some fantastic visual literacy resources that you can use. These resources have been designed to cover all age-groups between 4-18 years and are intended for use all around the world.  They have included images and themes from our charity partner, UNICEF, to bridge the areas of literacy, visual literacy and values education.

Rethink and problem solve

Problem solving activities are the perfect way to get involved in the ‘rethink’ theme! Students can work together in groups or on their own to play through these varied and interesting Mathletics problem solving activities. These activities can be found in the student console. As a teacher you also have access through your Teacher Console by clicking on the Demonstration button, then Problem Solving, which allows you to work together with the class on your IWB / Smart Board.

Reduce using our elearning technologies. Go green – go digital!

Organise a “say no to paper” day at your school. Instead of printing out your wordlist for the week, read aloud your word list to your class and get your students to write their answers on the board. This is the perfect way to engage your students with environmental sustainability.

What is your school doing to celebrate National Numeracy and Literacy week? We would love to hear from you. Visit the Mathletics or Spellodrome Facebook page to tell us more.