Our Education Eggsperts have spent years chatting to schools about their literacy needs and how they use Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress to save time and enhance their classroom teaching. Graeme McCulloch, a year 6 teacher from Cardiff Public School is just one example of a teacher making the most of the resources Reading Eggs has to offer.


What difference has Reading Eggs and 
Reading Eggspress made to your classroom teaching?

It has supported my teaching practises and helped me manage my literature workshops. In particular guided reading is now done using the eBooks on the IWB. All students can clearly see the text which makes deconstructing and discussing texts easier. 

The audio in the eBooks also provides me with more opportunities to work with a range of groups. In the past I would need to spend most of my time with groups with weaker reading skills, now they can work almost independently. This has made it much easier to manage groups and saves a lot of preparation time, I used to read and record the text for these groups. Access to a range of teaching resources in the teacher centre also means I spend less time searching for activities – they are all there for me in my teacher centre. So I am much more time efficient.

What difference has Reading Eggs and Eggspress made to your students?

They have become more involved in discovering what the texts are about and better at deconstructing texts. The immediate feedback regarding their results is fantastic! High-Low content has also been very helpful for our lower ability students. It has been very beneficial particularly for our stage 3 students who might be working at a Kindy level.

Do the teachers at Cardiff Public School use Reading Eggs and Eggspress for cross-curricula integration?

Absolutely – all the time! My class has used the Reading Eggspress Library for our work on Gold & Government. We always search the Reading Eggs library first!

Have you incorporated any fun Reading Eggs and Eggspress related events at a whole school level?

During assemblies we reward students based on 5 areas, one of those is ‘Achievement’. Students who have been working hard and improving in Reading Eggs or Eggspress may be nominated for an achievement award.