Creating a brief

When it comes to creating new content, we begin as a group and brainstorm ideas. We evaluate what is required from the curricula and generate the learning goals for the content. These learning goals are treated as the hero of the content. Everything that is created is designed to better facilitate students’ achieving these learning goals.

Learning Goal: Demonstrates an ability to complete open circuits.

Once learning goals are defined, we brainstorm different options as to how best present the
learning goal to the student, with respect to pedagogical techniques, interaction styles, language
used and myriad other considerations.

Eventually one option is agreed upon and detailed. This forms a brief.

Agile development

When the brief is ready, development begins. Content is developed using agile methodology, a process that facilitates us in creating content that is accepting of and responsive to feedback and refinement, and allows us to act when new opportunities or foresights present themselves during development.

The first milestone in developing the end content is to have the content playable as quick as possible. The content brief is used as a guideline and a starting point, and once working content is created we prefer to refine and improve this content rather than spend effort maintaining brief documents.

We continue to refine the content until we are confident with its stability and quality for it to be seen by our beta schools (test schools). At this point the content is still rough and incomplete but pedagogically usable.

We take the content in this state to students to use, in order to observe how they respond to the content and to collect feedback.

We discuss this feedback and then come up with creative solutions to maximise the value of what we are building.

We repeat this process of taking feedback and making refinements as frequently as possible until we are confident in the quality and value of the content.

The content then undergoes a final Quality Assurance pass to ensure it works perfectly across all platforms. Once signed off by the team, it is released!