There have been many celebrations at BSN Junior School Diamanthorst following their fantastic performance in the European Maths Challenge…….

IoanCalin had a lot to celebrate after emerging victorious from his battle for the top spot! – “I have been thinking about this competition since last year. I played outside and then worked on Mathletics and then played outside again. I was happy when I won. I want to say well done to Lev K of Estonia and Zolihan S of Norway as they worked hard too and I thought one of them was going to win.”

With 3 classes in the Top Ten this year, I think it is safe to say all students involved enjoyed the event! –  

Sarah: “I like to have a challenge. I worked really hard and I got the most points in Year 3.” 

Konoka:Mathletics is fun and I like to be in the Hall of Fame.”

The subject leader for maths, Mrs Pogson, wanted to pass on her congratulations to her students –  “I’m always amazed at how much effort the children put in to these competitions. The Hall of Fame is a great motivator, the boards for individual countries this year was a great idea, as more children had the chance to be recognised. I’m really proud of the children and their achievements. Well done to everyone.”

Great work everyone, we are looking forward to an even more exciting event in 2012!! In the meantime, keep Mathleticking!