NYC with Human Calculator

Hello, my name is Michael Murray and I am very honored and proud to have been selected for the role of a World Education Games ambassador for the USA. I felt that the World Education Games was a great experience to bring the school together in an exciting worldwide competition.

The WEG was not only a fun competition among 6 million students from around the world, but also a way to raise money towards the School-In-A-Box Program. Points that were earned from taking part in the competition have be converted in to money which went toward the UNICEF education programs.

Our school got very excited and thrilled to take part in this on line competition. Students were very enthusiastic about the competition, working hard during school time and at home. They enjoyed all parts of the competition, but one of their favorite parts was Science. One of our students, Luke Peebler, earned many points for our school, scoring 16th in the world overall, and 2nd in the world for science! Our School earned 6th place for science and 20th place in the world in overall challenge!

To promote this fun event on October 13-16, I gave out WEG bracelets to the whole school (some students are still wearing them) and spoke in detail to all students from Year 1-6 about the World Education Games and UNICEF. To further promote this event, I put up posters all around the school to get children informed and excited about the upcoming games. In addition, I have spoken about UNICEF, my NYC ambassador trip and WEG 2015 in the whole school assembly before the games. Furthermore, our school newsletter has published my recount of the Ambassador celebration tour and my experiences in New York City.  My school is very excited and has taken part in the video challenge to encourage others raise money for UNICEF and the School-In-A-Box Program.



I will never forget this amazing opportunity that was given to me, as an Ambassador. I was flown to NYC, where I got a chance to meet Scott Flansburg, the Human Calculator and other ambassadors from the US. It was such an exciting experience to not only visit the Big Apple but also to learn more about media relations, public speaking and leadership.  I enjoyed very much promoting WEG and getting the children excited about the games.

It was a great honor to represent my school and my country in WEG 2015!