New Mathletics Launch Challenge

From Monday 3rd to Sunday 16th July 2017, 221 Mathletics-subscribed schools and 65 non-subscribed schools competed for the New Mathletics Launch Challenge crown. The event challenged students to earn as many points as possible on the brand new version of Mathletics during the two-week period, by completing live games and answering curriculum questions. Open to all schools, there was a great effort from all involved.

Winners and prizes were split between subscribed and non-subscribed schools.

In subscribed schools, Bell Lane Primary School in Hendon, London, set the standard at the halfway point, and proceeded to finish first! Congratulations to all at Bell Lane Primary School for your incredible dedication to the Challenge. Close behind in second place was White Laith Primary School in Leeds, and third place was Parkfield Community School in Birmingham. Congratulations, great work!

Full and final results for Mathletics-subscribed schools can be viewed here

NMLC HoF - subscribers
Our children were very excited about competing against other classes within our school, as well as other schools all over Europe in the Mathletics competition.

As not all of our children have access to computers and the internet at home, the computer room was made available before school and at lunch time. The children were delighted to find out that they could track class scores on the leader board – which really kept them motivated. Class teachers set a high number of activities for extra points and gave the children fantastic encouragement.

The most rewarding part of the competition for our school was the children realising that if they worked hard for something they could achieve it.

Here’s what the students at Bell Lane said about the competition:

“I increased my speed in maths.”
“I liked competing against other schools at the same time as improving my maths.”
“I am looking forward to the next competition.”

Bell Lane Primary School
Bell Lane Primary School - New Mathletics Launch Competition winners
NMLC HoF - non-subscribers

In non-subscribed schools, Darton Primary School in Barnsley took the top spot. The school fully embraced their two-week free access – brilliant effort! In second place was Mary Tavy and Brentor Primary School in Tavistock, and third place was Holyport College in Maidenhead. Congratulations! We hope you enjoyed using Mathletics.

Full and final results for non-subscribed schools can be viewed here

As well as a sense of overwhelming pride and victory, the top school in each category also receive 5 ASUS Chromebooks and a voucher towards their subscription renewal or purchase. The second and third placed schools will receive vouchers to use towards their Mathletics subscription or any 3P Learning resource.

The New Mathletics Launch Challenge was free and simple to participate in – a fantastic way to get students engaged in maths, and have fun at the end of the school year! Well done to all schools involved. Watch this space for the next Mathletics challenge…