What do you get when you mix the classroom with the computer? A new outlook on education known as Blended Learning. Blended learning takes the old method of content focused learning and turns it on its head. Teachers can’t have detailed learning insights of their students in a traditional classroom environment. Students differ in the way they process information and having a singular content based learning system can lead to different results for different people.

Through Blended Learning students are educated with a combination of face to face and online learning. Teachers will gage an adequate combination of direct and online interaction based on what is felt to be the best balance between educating and engaging students . The combination of direct and online learning works to provide teachers a resource to segment and identify focus points for better quality learning. Teachers can use data from students to identify learning progression and detect areas were an individual or a segment of students may need more focus.


Students use digital content to learn in a more personalized format, focusing on the individual student’s ability to learn at their own pace. This ensures students are engaged through the ability to have a system of learning where students are not restricted to strictly content absorption. Growing technological and system developments mean students have the resources to be more interactive in their education outside a traditional classroom system. The combination of online and direct learning offers a well-rounded learning experience for student to advance in the traditional learning fashion, yet have the ability to have clarification and depth of understanding.

We see Blended Learning at work through programs like Mathletics. The Mathletics program has allowed educational clarity and progression for students and teachers by creating a online environment that works hand in hand with classroom learning. Teachers incorporate Mathletics into curriculum learning to aid in creating familiarity and understanding of mathematical units. The program additionally provides a platform for teachers to gain immediate reporting of class results and progress, not only saving time spent grading but identifying areas of strength and weakness.

Students use Mathletics as an engaging mathematical tool. Classroom integration of Mathletics creates an entertaining learning process where students can learn individually or competitively against classmates or other Mathletic users worldwide. As students learn they have access to helpful hints and breakdowns of problems they may not understand. This means students can independently learn whats unclear to them, allowing them to become up to speed or ahead of school curriculum.

Technological advancements have made online educational resources like Mathletics more accessible to students and teachers. This creates greater incorporation into curriculum learning. Blended learning creates the freedom for students to take control of and customize their approach to learning. Teachers gain knowledge in student’s progression from a class, class segment or individual student level. The end result creates an overall quality consistency in how teachers teach and how students learn.

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