3P Learning thanks our Workshop Hosts

As many of our community will be aware, 3P has been offering training workshops for teachers and school leaders since 2011.  From our perspective, the workshops provide a wonderful opportunity to bring together teachers so that knowledge can be shared both around our programs and their implementation but also between teachers by tapping into their experiences in classrooms.  Teachers tell us that our workshops are more a collaborative experience than simply a product training session. These workshops have been made possible by the generosity of over 800 schools across the county.

So far this year, more than 150 schools have hosted workshops permitting over a thousand teachers to participate.  It is with our greatest appreciation that we now warmly thank these schools for sharing their facilities and time and collaborative spirit.

I just wanted to say thank you for delivering the Mathletics workshop at Big Hill primary. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to attend because all the feedback I’ve had has been positive. I think some of our Early Years teachers were surprised that Mathletics could compliment their program and have picked up many new ideas. The 3 – 6 teachers were also really pleased with the PD. Thank you once again for your time

Renae Westley, Big Hill Primary School, VIC – Workshop host

I have found the Mathletics PD’s very beneficial. I have been to 2 of the PD’s and each time they are different. Other than the foundations you begin the presentation with, it depends on what questions are asked by staff attending as to the direction the PD takes. I have previously used Mathletics at a school that is not in this region, there was no training and the program was not used effectively. I can say after attending 2 PD’s l am alot more confident using Mathletics in the classroom and l am confident to talk to my team about it and explain the features of the program (maybe not everything, but a fair bit of it!)  

Kylie McKiernan, Werribee Primary School, VIC – Workshop attendee

Is your school interested in being one of our workshop host schools?  Register your interest here or contact your Account Manager on 1300 850 331.