A mother and teacher’s experience with Reading Eggs

Rhoda Yeates, a mother and teacher at Rouse Hill Anglican College, shares her experiences of using Reading Eggs in both the school and home setting. Both Rhoda’s class and her son have embraced the literacy resource and as a result they have observed considerable literacy improvements.

Rhoda’s son was a very reluctant reader in Kindergarten, struggling to learn sight words quickly and finding it difficult to ‘sound out’ various words. Rhoda has been using Reading Eggs at home for approximately 12 months and both her and her son have had an incredibly positive experience with the program. In the time that Rhoda’s son has been using Reading Eggs, he has not only improved on his literacy skills, but he has also become more confident in his reading abilities. Rhoda’s son loves the new characters he gets to see at the end of each lesson, as well as the satisfaction of completing a map.  Whilst her son still finds reading challenging, Reading Eggs has helped him to learn sound, sight words and blends, and he is now motivated to learn and improve his literacy skills.

After six months of using Reading Eggs at home, Rhoda decided to implement Reading Eggs in her classroom. The main motivation behind this was the fact that as a teacher, she had piece of mind that her students were using a program at home that reinforced the skills they learnt at school.

Rhoda’s classroom experience with Reading Eggs has also been very positive – her students are now more engaged with learning sound and sight words, and older students have found Reading Eggs to be a great way to practice difficult material. Other teachers at Rouse Hill Anglican College have also benefited from using Reading Eggs – enjoying using the program during literacy time in class, as well as for homework tasks.

I have seen the students become excited to learn new sounds and sight words and this is because of Reading Eggs. It has provided a fantastic supplement to our teaching program.

The teachers and students at Rouse Hill Anglican College have found the Reading Eggs to be an engaging and rewarding experience.

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