Powerful diagnostic testing in a fraction of the time

Assessments – A powerful tool within Mathletics. Provides a full diagnostic analysis of students’ positioning and progress through the curriculum. Assessments gives teachers the information to quickly and effectively create learning pathways to address the individual requirements for a student, class, or school. It’s one-click diagnosis.

Video Content – play back the teacher so your student’s don’t miss a thing

A lot has been recently said about video in education and the “flipped” classroom. In recent months, we’ve been looking at video resources available for schools and, well, we haven’t been too impressed.

Introducing a new genre of video – we call them Mathletics Conceptuals. Quick and effective vignettes that zero in on a core mathematical concept in a genuinely relevant and relatable context. A highly engaging presenter, speaking to the students rather than at them and a unique hand-drawn feel makes these videos a truly powerful tool. Click here to read more.

Monitor usage and track progress with a live school dashboard

Real-time results data driving individual learning pathways. With a single click, full and comprehensive reports highlight not only student results and achievements, but visually identify weaknesses within specific curriculum outcomes, for any student in the school. A powerful reporting tool – placed at your fingertips.


Interact and investigate with Curriculum Visuals

Australian Curriculum Visuals reinforce curriculum outcomes by prompting students to explore mathematical concepts built using GeoGebra technology. Teach, interact, investigate and explore.

Fluency – Live Mathletics has that covered

Live Mathletics covers the four basic operations and extends to shape, algebra, geometry, logarithms, conversions and many more. No tool has more impact on improving fluency in core competencies. Your school can help build a school with UNICEF connector points.

Build skills, solve problems & investigate using eBookseBook_Mathletics

The library of Mathletics eBooks is a huge addition to the online teaching and learning resource. Each book in the series is carefully scaffolded to develop skills in problem solving, investigations and applications. INCREDIBLE VALUE with over 10,000 pages of printable resources.

The benefits of Mathletics don’t stop there… Visit to find out more.