Belfast High School has been chosen to host the Northern Irish bid for mathematical supremacy in the online Four Nations Maths Challenge 2010, where pupils from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will go head-to-head for top places on the UK maths leader board!

The UK Four Nations Maths Challenge is a celebration of numbers as children from each nation unite in their quest to reach the top of the leader board by answering thousands of maths questions! Students will go head to head to answer as many maths-related questions as they can.  The competition puts maths into an arena previously reserved for sport, and aims to foster positive attitudes to maths through exciting and realistic problem-solving activities and challenges. Who will be the winning nation, school and student? Who will finish at the top of the leader board? Northern Ireland? England? Wales? or Scotland?

Mrs Lynn Gormley, Principal of Belfast High School, commented: “Belfast High School is really looking forward to hosting this exciting event which encourages schools in the UK to unite in numbers! Whilst Scotland did very well in World Maths Day 2010, we are hoping that Northern Ireland will prove to be the mathematical elite this year. The Four Nations Maths Challenge encourages students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have a go at maths in a fun, interactive and accessible way”.

Belfast High School will also be hosting a special launch event at the school on the morning of 8th November at 09:30.