Maths at bedtime

Do you have a bedtime routine in your house? Get creative with incorporating maths into an existing routine. We can’t make any promises about getting your child to actually go to bed though..!

Timing the routine

1. Determine the steps expected for your routine. Examples may include: bath, pyjamas on, brushing teeth, etc.

2. Start the timer when steps begin

3. Your child can stop the timer when all the steps are completed

4. Keep track of the minutes it takes and make a graph of the results each week or month

Extension: Using a clock instead of a timer, have your child determine elapsed time.

Practice Passing Time with this Mathletics Printable

Maths Bedtime Story

No matter where your child is on their maths journey, you can find a children’s book to go along with the theme. Here are a few of our favourites:

Mission Addition – Loreen Leedy

Fraction Action – Loreen Leedy

Game Time – Stuart Murphy

The Grapes of Math – Greg Tang

Maths Jar

This a great one for any age and level! When your child is doing their homework and they have trouble with a question in maths, write it down on a small piece of paper and put it in the jar. You can also choose questions that were marked wrong on recent homework, tests, etc. Try to put 5 in at the start. Each night, have them pick out one question from the jar and complete it. This is a great way to spiral back to previous skills and practice difficult problems multiple times.


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