Back to school time can bring about many uncertainties for children. A child will walk into a class on the first day and be given a rundown of what is in store for them. Some will be calm and some will panic, but all have the ability to take charge of their education and prepare in advance for the schooling year. No topic gives you the greatest control of advanced preparation than mathematics. Maths is a developmental topic that builds knowledge by laying out formulas and methods of resolution, and creating circumstances to which children can practice and enforce their knowledge. A child can work through mathematical exercises in the lead up to returning to school in a number of ways and go into the school year with confidence and a solid mathematical base to build on.

Text Books

Text books are a great starting point for gaining direction on what can be learnt. Children can use their old text books to reinforce mathematical understandings and come into the year with the knowledge fresh in their heads. Children can also use the textbook they’ve bought for the coming year and attempt as much as possible, this gives children the ability to gain solid footing from day one and allows them to keep track of everything that they did or didn’t understand by learning read over concepts with the direction of a teacher.


Holiday tutors can be a good first step in back to school preparations. A tutor with an understanding of the year your child is going into and what they need to succeed can be valuable. A tutor can provide a run through of areas that will be covered and can work with your child at their own pace to get them comfortable for a return to mathematics.


Using online resources to prepare your child for mathematics can be a valuable point of preparation for your child. Children have access to platforms like YouTube, blogs, forums and interactive programs that allow children to brush up on their maths in a way they can easily access and understand. For instance, a child can use Mathletics to practice activities for the coming year, play online to refresh their maths skills and even pass on their results data to their teachers upon returning to school to help the teacher best approach his or her mathematical learning.

Mathematics is a gratifying experience when time is invested, and will reward with good results. Planning out early actions you can take in the lead up to your child’s return to school can play a large role in how difficult the year will be and how open they are to learning.

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