Leanne O’Brien, Reading Eggs Lead Educator, QLD

3PLeanne O'Brien Learning’s Certification team is proud to introduce Leanne O’Brien who is, not only the first teacher to become Reading Eggs Certified, but also the first to achieve Lead Educator status.  Well done Leanne!

Leanne has been working as a teacher since 2004 and the past 6 years she has been working in distance education with Jubilee Christian College, Atherton in QLD.  She is both teacher and facilitator of the school’s online programs including Reading Eggs, with a particular interest in online learning as she has seen the high level of student engagement and motivation when working online.  In distance education, their online programs are a particularly valuable part of their programming, as they do not see students face-to-face every day.  eLearning permits Leanne to keep track of what her students are doing and their progress at any time.

“To see as a group where [students] are sitting with their reading and spelling levels, this informs our teaching to know where to aim our lessons at and where each student is at.”

In Leanne’s school context, Reading Eggs is particularly valuable way to make connections with students, where she can provide encouragement and support with students by phone, email, and on home visits based on their results.

“Finding out more about how the program works just uncovers so many more possibilities and even more resources that our school and families can use with our students.  A better understanding by each individual staff member is a positive result for the children as teachers can provide more help, support and encouragement as children move along in their literacy development.  We have students from 4-15 utilising Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress and have seen some non-readers and students who have never liked reading catch the reading bug, which is so exciting to see.”

Interested in becoming Reading Eggs Certified? Visit www.3plearning.com/au/readingeggscertification to find out more.